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A year round retail experience for makers, artists & entrepreneurs.

5th Avenue Pavilion | Asbury Park Boardwalk

Sell By The Day

Enjoy the freedom to sell when it works with your schedule. 🥳

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Sell By The Week or Month

Let us do the selling and free yourself up to be wherever you need to be. 😎

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Co-Retail With Us

Selling something totally unique, interesting or different? Let us know. 🤔

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Welcome To FRESH Life

Fresh Life is a new kind of market experience with a goal of empowering makers, artists and small businesses.

Our vision is to enliven and enrich local communities through unique shopping experiences and to empower micro-entrepreneurship by providing a year round outlet for purveyors of small batch & unique handmade goods to sell their products and services.

...But what does this mean?

It means that we are opening our first year-round pop-up store on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, in the 5th Avenue Pavilion to be more exact.


The Breakdown

  • 25 Indoor Spaces

  • 10 Outdoor Spaces

  • Open Year Round

  • Sell By The Day, Week or Month

  • Limited Co-Retailing Opportunities Available


Sell By The Day

Pop-up by the day at FRESH life and enjoy the freedom to sell when it works with your schedule.

  • Popping up by the day offers complete flexibility and minimal time committment.

  • Selling by the day is a low risk way to see what products resonate with your customers.

  • It is the most affordable way to sell on the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

  • Selling by the day is ONLY available on our outside deck.


Sell By The Week or Month

Let us do the selling and free you up to be wherever you need to be. 😎

  • Selling on an ongoing basis allows you to connect more frequently with customers and build your brand.

  • No long term contracts or agreements - easily sell for a low financial committment.

  • Drop off or ship your product to us and let our team sell it for you.

  • Enjoy our centralized checkout - just log on to your dashboard to track your sales and payouts.


Co-Retail With Us

Are you selling something totally unique, interesting or different? We may be interested in offering a co-retailing option. 🤔

  • Drop off or ship your product to us and let our team sell it for you.

  • Enjoy our centralized checkout - just log on to your dashboard to track your sales and payouts.

  • No startup costs, we split the sale with you.

  • Co-retailing space is only available in limited quantities and for specific product types.

Pricing & Dates

Currently Booking:
Jul: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 10AM-8PM
Aug: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 10AM-8PM
Sept: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 10AM-8PM
Oct-Dec: Coming Soon


Where are you located?

Fresh Life is located at 1200 Ocean Ave Unit 501 in the 5th Avenue Pavillion on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Please note that our entrace is on Ocean Ave and not on the boardwalk side of the building. This is the building next to Convention Hall and also features McLoone’s Supper Club, The Robinson Ale House, Iron Whale, & Playa Bowls.

We are located on the Ocean Avenue side of the building, directly across from the Wonder Bar and just a block from the Asbury Hotel, Berkeley Carteret Hotel and the Asbury Lanes.

What does the store look like?

Our store is a completely renovated 1600 square foot space with an additional 800 square foot outdoor deck designed completely for the serious maker or small business.

Aesthetically, it has been designed with a modern industrial feel with 15+ foot ceilings, exposed ductwork, and lots of clean wood with tastefully placed pops of color.

Functionally, the space will accommodate 25 businesses inside and up to another 10 outside.

Spaces will be approximately 6’ x 5’ and feature a custom built modular system for you to display your products.

Tell me more about this modular display.

This system will feature a fully configurable pegboard wall equipped with the ability to accommodate a custom table, a series of shelves and hanging racks.

We seriously can’t wait to share it with you!

Best of all though, to ensure that the space maintains a uniform look and feel, we will be providing all tables and display signage - you just need to bring your products and keep things restocked.

Is the market indoors or outdoors?


If you are selling by the week or month, then your booth will be indoors and fully managed by our team.

If you are popping up for the day then you will be outdoors on our deck.

How big is my space?

Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be approximately 6’ x 5’. Should you require additional space just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

I'm selling indoors, what do I need to bring?

Your just need to bring your product. We'll provide the tables, shelves, and signage.

I'm selling outdoors, what do I need to bring?

In addition to your product, you need to bring 1 x 6 foot table. We will provide a solid color table cloth that fits the aestetic of the space. No freestanding signage is permitted on the boardwalk. If you would like to display signage then it must hang off the front of the table or sit on top of the table.

What are the hours?

We plan to open our doors Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 10AM-8PM and, based on demand, we may expand both our hours and days of operation.

If you are popping up for the day on our outside deck, setup and load in and set up instructions will follow closer to our opening but, as with our other markets, you will be given 1-2 hours to set up and an hour to break down at the end of your day.

If you are selling for inside on a weekly or monthly basis, you will be given a date and time to set up your booth. You will also be given times throughout the week or month where you can restock and adjust your setup.

Do I have to be there?

The quick answer is, it depends. 🙃

If you are popping up for the day on our outside deck, then you will be required to be at the space to sell your product. You will need to be able to accept payments on your phone via Square, Paypal, Shopify or a similar service.

If you are selling by the week or month then no, you will not be required to be on site. We will process all of your orders through our centralized checkout and provide you with an online dashboard where you can track ongoing sales and inventory.

What if I really want to be there?

We offer the daily rate option as a way for you to be at the market and sell your product. Please be aware that you will be outside on the deck (there is a protective overhang from the sun, rain, etc).

We are currently not offering this as an option for indoor weekly or monthly space. The indoor space is fully managed by our team.

If you have specific information about your product you are welcome to provide us with a sales sheet and our team will fully familiarize themselves with it.

How much does it cost?

Our rates will vary based on your commitment (daily, weekly, monthly) and time of year. Peak seasons such as summer, ‘local summer’ and holidays will see higher rates than the slower winter months but our goal is to continue to keep our markets fair and accessible to the community.

For information on pricing please submit an application or email [email protected] for more info.

I'm a visual person, do you have any photos?

Sure, check out the sidebar to the right for some photos of the team hard at work building out the space. You can also follow progress on Instagram at @asburyfresh.


Tell Me More About Asbury Park

Dubbed the “City By The Sea”, Asbury Park is situated 1 ½ hours south of New York City and 1 ¼ hours east of Philadelphia.

It is a year-round tourist destination known throughout the region and beyond for it’s arts, music, restaurant and bar scene.

Since the mid-2000’s the city has undergone a revitalization and each year the crowds, both seasonally and annually get bigger and bigger.

You can learn more about Asbury Park here.


Our Beginning

Asbury Fresh was started as a small weekly farmers market in the summer of 2012 in downtown Asbury Park.

It took several years but the market slowly grew as the community began to embrace it.

In 2016 we rebranded as Fresh Markets and became an official business venture where we were able to bring together 60 farmers, food purveyors and local makers each week.


Our Middle Years

In 2018 we launched a satellite market at Bell Works in Holmdel as well as several other seasonal pop-ups in the region and began to host year round events, often attracting thousands of people per day.

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Asbury Fresh expanded to both Saturdays and Sundays where it served as a vital resource for providing local residents with a safe way to buy fresh food and support local makers.


Our Future

So that brings us to 2021, where we decided it was time to pursue our long term goal of opening a year around space in Asbury Park.

With this new venture, along with our seasonal markets, we’re set to produce over 250 markets and events this year, managing over 8000 individual bookings for a community of over 3000 makers, artists and small businesses such as yourself.

We have big things in store for 2021 and the coming years ahead and hope you choose to join us for the journey.

What We Stand For

Building Community

We are committed to building sustainable and vibrant local communities.

Empowering Makers

Our promise is to empower makers, artists, small business, and micro entrepreneurship.

Retail Reinvented

We aim to continually improve upon our modern framework for launching and growing pop-up experiences.

...Your Next Steps

We’re currently accepting applications to sell for Summer 2021.

If you are interested in selling the first step is to submit an application.

Questions? Email [email protected].